Connect a million farmers to secure a stronger future

This is the first time in history that every farmer world wide has been able to come together through a common goal.

Connect me to a million farmers!

Agriculture is the most divided and segregated industry on earth. It's too easy to fall victim to economic, environmental and social challenges when we stand alone. Together we can drive a productive and profitable future under the one hat that is representative of all farmers.

The big game is to get everyone who is involved in the agriculture industry onboard so we can engage, trade and collaborate across every component within our industry.  This begins with our own businesses reaching through to our industry bodies and right across the supply chain all the way to our consumers.  The by-product of all this is that we also get to stand with each other collectively within each sector and across the broader body that is representative of the entire agricultural industry within each state, nation and across the globe.  Together we can do so much.

ONFARM has been designed to classify producer types into collectives where they can collaborate to effectively progress industry initiatives and address industry solutions at a state, national and global level. 

When each member signs up, the system will take their producer types, for example a dairy farmer and connect them to collaboratives where they will join with other dairy farmers in a state, national and global collaborative.  In addition to this they will be joined with all producers of every type into collaboratives that are also at a state, national and global level.  This is the power of connectivity when we can gather and stand united on the things that matter ONFARM.

We now have the opportunity to drive and lead on the social, environmental and economic issues involved in growing food, regenerating earth and maintaining access to farmers who are the producers and custodians of our all important life sustaining resources.

On behalf of ag, we would love to invite you to the opportunity of joining and leading this movement.

Join the Million Farmer Challenge and let's stand together @ www.onfarm.co

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To offer farmers greater access to markets and choice in how they trade.


Create a fully integrated industry network where we can all connect and collaborate to effect change and impact as a collective.


Develop an ecosytem to enable, empower and drive innovation for the benefit of all.


Provide a central portal for producers and consumers to connect, engage and market direct.